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Post Mortem
December 2009 – Present

Post Mortem is my space to analyze a particularly noteworthy game or part of a game. What makes the game so special, or what specific aspect of it is different, unique, or otherwise remarkable? Why can a game like Modern Warfare 2 — a shooter game like hundreds of others — rise above its competition? Whenever a title catches my attention with something truly special, I will make a Post Mortem for it.
Modern Warfare 2, God of War

All Your HistoryAll Your History Are Belong To Us
September 2009 – Present

This documentary series traces the stories of major gaming franchises or companies, from humble origins through to mammoth successes and, in some cases, to eventual tragedy. The show is ongoing and already has runs for Bungie, Valve, and Call of Duty. (Documentary)

Assassin's SongAssassin’s Song
January 2009

An assassin reflects on his native city of Jerusalem, the City of God. (Drama; 4:41)

November 2008

A prisoner breaks out of jail, but there’s a long way between getting out and being free. A simple, fast-paced chase movie. (Action; 4:32)

June 2008

As a veteran soldier deserts his post, another is sent to find him. (Drama; 22:09)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Download

September 2006

In the midst of Hannibal’s war against Rome, two Carthaginian captains find themselves acting as bait for the Roman army — a maneuver they know will result in their own deaths. Est Mori chronicles the last conversation these two will ever have, as one bitterly rues his fate and the other defends his general. Neither, however, may be as sure of themselves as they seem… (Drama; 19:58)
Part 1, Part 2, Download

May 2006

Set during the last major battle of the Gallic Wars, Potentior follows the opposing generals Julius Caesar and Vercingetorix as one tries to subdue Gaul entirely, and the other fights to get it back. Roughly 40 minutes long, the film is a both a stylized recreation of the battle and an examination of the nature of war and conquest as understood by the people closest to it. (Action/Drama; 40:36)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Download