From time to time, I have a thought that I really want to get down in writing. Sometimes, that thought gets pretty long. The results can be found below.

The Greater Dictator

March 11, 2009

Charlie Chaplin’s speech at the end of The Great Dictator is one of my favorite moments in cinema, yet I feel it is largely misunderstood. This is one of the most loaded and layered speeches I have seen in film, yet most people see its sole message as, “Fascism is bad.” True. But there’s so much more.

The Peaceable Nation
April 16, 2007

I always used to wonder why imperialism was once a matter of national pride, yet now is considered a disgrace. My own answer is what I call the Peaceable Nation.

The Interpretation Effect
August 05, 2006

A lot of people will look at a work of art and ask, “But what does it mean?” Sometimes, even the author has no idea.