If you haven’t been watching, there have been many, many episodes of All Your History going up over at Machinima. For the record, the show was not expected to do too well and it ended up being, of all the new series we launched at that time, the surprise winner. I thank you all for watching and making it happen, and getting it to the point where I can basically make it the way I want.

So the moral of the story is, keep on watching! There’s tons of stuff to watch — the rise and fall of Pandemic, the journey of the legendary Tim Schafer — but I’d like to give particular attention to our runs on the Call of Duty franchise and for Valve. For the Valve run I had the distinct privilege of doing an in-depth interview with its Managing Directer and founder, Gabe Newell. The interview was truly amazing and you can find lots of great pieces of it in the show; hopefully, the whole thing will soon go up independently as well.

Stay tuned for some very exciting news in the near future. After months of stalling and stagnation, a lot of things are moving very quickly now.



Quick update, just to let you know that the latest All Your History Are Belong To Us, for Forza, is up. This is a one-off video. There are MANY more AYHABTU videos in the pipeline, all of which will be going up over the next few weeks. Enjoy.

Click here to watch the Forza episode.


Every episode for our first run of All Your History Are Belong To Us is now online! This first run covered the history of the Halo franchise, and is thus also something of a history of Bungie. It’s been very well received and has gotten a lot of views, and I thank everyone who watched for that.

Click here to watch any (and all!) of the episodes! Episode 1: Before the Ring, Episode 2: Evolving Combat, Episode 3: That Was Perfect… Now Do It Better, Episode 4: The Air Is Thin But The View Is Good, Episode 5: Beyond Bungie… And Beyond

Thanks again for watching, and stay tuned! More All Your History are en route, and I continue to inch ever closer to my narrative show…


P.S. It’s not my show, but I did write a script for Machinima’s Prologue series that people seem to like. Check it out here. And as always, let me know what you think!

I do try to have some content in my posts, rather than just fill the air with noise. That’s why the silence since my last post. I’ll break that rule now since it’s been a little longer than I thought.

Basically, for various reasons, the machinima series I had been working on got pushed back. We have a tentative restart time for the middle of June. All is in the air. I am confident that the show will get back into production soon, and you can expect to see the first episode about a month after that.

In the meantime I worked on Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series for a little bit, but mostly have been hard at work trying to get my series back into production. This is more a matter of time than anything else; the company still very much wants to make it, it’s just about getting it right. Again, hopefully, everything will be go again in mid-June. If you don’t hear from me by then, don’t panic.


Hello all, and Happy New Year!

With the coming of 2009, I thought this was the perfect time to welcome you to my resurrected website. Having now graduated, I have switched from Stanford’s server over to WordPress. WordPress is quite a bit more robust than what I was working with before, so hopefully this space will be a better one to keep you all posted on what I’m up to, as well as provide a ranting space for me and my rants.

So, what am I up to, you ask? Well, the machinima I made back in college attracted the attention of no less than Machinima.com, so I am now doing freelance work for them. All my old films — Potentior, Est Mori, and Deserter — have migrated over to Machinima.com’s space now, so you can watch them there. As of this writing, I have posted one new video for them, Break. You can also check Machinima.com’s iTunes podcast, where some of my work has been (and will be) featured.

And you heard it here first, folks: I am working on another piece right now, an Assassin’s Creed machinima that I’m calling Assassin’s Song. It’s a soliloquy from an assassin to Jerusalem, the city he calls home, the city he hates just as fiercely as he loves. It’s a little different than what I’ve done before (I always try to do the opposite of the last film I made), but I’m very excited for it and I hope you enjoy it. To my knowledge, it will also have the distinction of being only the second Assassin’s Creed machinima ever made (though let me know if that’s wrong!). I’ll let you all know as soon as it’s up.

In the meantime, I would like to take a moment and thank everybody who has ever watched my work, or even read one of my essays. I do these things for the love of doing them, and it’s really an honor when you watch it and let me know what you think of it. I really do hope that this space will be a more active one than my previous website; now that I’m doing this work professionally, that shouldn’t be too hard!

So Happy 2009 to you all. It’s gonna be an interesting ride.