If you haven’t been watching, there have been many, many episodes of All Your History going up over at Machinima. For the record, the show was not expected to do too well and it ended up being, of all the new series we launched at that time, the surprise winner. I thank you all for watching and making it happen, and getting it to the point where I can basically make it the way I want.

So the moral of the story is, keep on watching! There’s tons of stuff to watch — the rise and fall of Pandemic, the journey of the legendary Tim Schafer — but I’d like to give particular attention to our runs on the Call of Duty franchise and for Valve. For the Valve run I had the distinct privilege of doing an in-depth interview with its Managing Directer and founder, Gabe Newell. The interview was truly amazing and you can find lots of great pieces of it in the show; hopefully, the whole thing will soon go up independently as well.

Stay tuned for some very exciting news in the near future. After months of stalling and stagnation, a lot of things are moving very quickly now.