Every episode for our first run of All Your History Are Belong To Us is now online! This first run covered the history of the Halo franchise, and is thus also something of a history of Bungie. It’s been very well received and has gotten a lot of views, and I thank everyone who watched for that.

Click here to watch any (and all!) of the episodes! Episode 1: Before the Ring, Episode 2: Evolving Combat, Episode 3: That Was Perfect… Now Do It Better, Episode 4: The Air Is Thin But The View Is Good, Episode 5: Beyond Bungie… And Beyond

Thanks again for watching, and stay tuned! More All Your History are en route, and I continue to inch ever closer to my narrative show…


P.S. It’s not my show, but I did write a script for Machinima’s Prologue series that people seem to like. Check it out here. And as always, let me know what you think!