I’ve been up to many things in these last months, but yesterday the first episode of a new show I’ve been working on finally went on the air. All Your History Are Belong to Us is a documentary show I wrote and edited, in which we will trace the history of a video game franchise from its humble origins to its not-so-humble heights, with all the trials and tribulations that happened in-between. We’re kicking the show off with a five-part look at Halo.

Click here to check out the show! I had a lot of fun doing this show and if all you lovely people watch it, we’ll get to do it for many games to come.

If you’re wondering, “Nick, what happened to that machinima show you were talking about?”, all I can say is that it is still in development hell. I (once again) have assurances that we’ll be starting it up again soon… we’ll see. But if we do get the thing made, you’ll be the first to know.

‘Til next time…