Hey everybody,

As promised, I made an “Assassin’s Creed” machinima, and it is now up on Machinima.com. I give you Assassin’s Song, a reflection of an assassin’s native city of Jerusalem, the City of God. Like I said before, this is a little bit different than what I’ve done before in that it is not so much a narrative as a musing. But I think it came together well and now it’s out there for all of you to enjoy.

Click here to see Assassin’s Song

As for the future, I’m hoping to get a new essay out soon, for the film nerds in the audience (you’ll see what I mean). After that, Machinima.com and I are cooking up something big — stay tuned for an official announcement when we have all the pieces in place. You’ll hear it first here, folks.

Be well, and don’t provoke any assassins.